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  • We developp planar microcavities containing perovskite for the study of polaritonic properties at room temperature (polariton relxation efficiency, polariton dynamics ..), and the observation of stimulated effects on the polariton states.
    Perovskite is a promising organic-inorganic material owing to the large binding energy of its excitons. However, the fabrication of high-Q microcavities is challenging due to the difficulties associated with fabricating high-quality Bragg reflectors on the top of a fragile organic layer.
  • We have developped a new fabrication method allowing to combine high-reflectivity Bragg mirrrors with the fragile perovskite material. Emission in the strong coupling regime at room temperature has been demonstrated from reflectivity and micro-PL measurements. Efficient polariton relaxation has also been observed.

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    PuceProjets - Collaborateurs
    • Collaborateurs : LPQM - ENS Cachan (E. Deleporte, J.-S. Lauret) : LPPSM-ENS Cachan (P. Audebert) ; CRHEA-CNRS Valbonne (J. Zuniga-Perez, F. Semond)
    • Projets :
      - ANR PNANO MICHRY (2006 - 2009)
      - ANR Blanc PEROCAI (2010-2013)
      - Regional : RTRA CAPVER (2010-2012)
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    • Contact : Sophie Bouchoule
    • Xavier Lafosse (TECHNO)
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    PuceThèses, Post-docs
    • Post-docs :
      - Zheng HAN (2011-2013) : fabrication of high-Q microcavity containing perovskite organic/inorganic semiconductor
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