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  • Overview : NOMAD(Project Micro/nanoswimmers)
    Fig. 1. Overview of research activities on the development of micro/nanoswimmers.

    Recently we started to work on the micro/nanorobotic swimmers which can serve as alternative microfluidics tools toward biologic and biomedical applications (Fig. 1). The aim of this project is to propose the most efficient and controlled microswimmers with radio controlled therapy function like drug delivery. The swimming performance and colloidal cargo transport function of microswimmers will be evaluated inside smart microfluidic control platform. A final experiment of delivering and mixing colloids by microswimmers inside microfluidic environment will simulate their future in vivo and lab-on-a-chip applications. The development of the swimmers involve three sub-projects depending: 1. microrobotic swimmers, 2. nanorobotic swimmers and 3. nanomanipulation.

  • Research

    Ongoing sub-projects are focused on:

    Microswimmer Nanoswimmer Nanomanipulation

    These projects are finacially supported by the French National Research Agency funding (ANR Young Researcher Programme NOMAD and ANR P2N NANOROBUST)

    (Contact: Dr. Gilgueng Hwang, gilgueng.hwang@lpn.cnrs.fr)

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  • Mobile Microrobotics Challenge (2013) (2014)

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    Puce Membres


     Hwang Gilgueng  (+33) 1 69 63 61 35  
     Couraud Laurent  (+33) 1 69 63 60 82  
     Cavanna Antonella  (+33) 1 69 63 60 61  
     Decanini Dominique  (+33) 1 69 63 61 20  

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    Puce Publications

    Publications dans des journaux
    • Swimming Property Characterizations of Magnetic Polarizable microrobots , H. Salmon, L. Couraud, G. Hwang, , 5520 (2013)
    • Note: Helical nanobelt force sensors , G. Hwang, H. Hashimoto, Rev. Sci. Instr. 83, 126102 (2012)
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