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Advanced technologies

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Puce   Nano Imprint Lithography

Puce   Focused Ion Beam patterning

Puce   Central Technological facility

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Besides conventional technologies, LPN is investigating advanced techniques and advanced processing for nanofabrication. For instance, Quantum boxes are grown, either self-organized by MBE, or localized by MOVPE on patterned substrate. STM is developped for atom manipulation. Nano-Imprint Lithography, a promising technique for low-cost and large-scale nanopatterning, and for nanofabrication in the field of life science, was recently developed. Focused Ion Beam patterning can produce ultimate dimensions down to a few nm.

Puce Nano Imprint Lithography

Nano Imprint Lithography

Puce Focused Ion Beam patterning

Focused Ion Beam patterning

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