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Quantum Physics in Circuits (Anne Anthore, Frédéric Pierre)

In the QPC team, we explore the quantum phenomena in nano-scale electronic circuits, from correlated electronic matter to quantum transport down to the most elementary level of the single conduction channel.

Experiments are performed at extremely low temperatures, a few thousandths of Kelvin above absolute zero, with ultra-sensitive measurement setups, on devices made in the lab's outstanding nanofabrication facilities.

Research projects
Quantum transport of heat and energy transfers

Many-body physics in few-channel quantum circuits

Selected firsts
Team news
Master, PhD and postdoctoral positions

Candidates are invited to send a short CV to Anne Anthore and Frédéric Pierre.


Principal investigator: Frédéric Pierre (CNRS research director)
Co-principal investigator: Anne Anthore (Assistant professor of Paris-Diderot University)
Co-investigators: Abdelhanin Aassime (CNRS research engineer), Ulf Gennser (CNRS research director), Yong Jin (CNRS research director)
PhD students: Hadrien Duprez (2017-...), Emile Sivré (2016-...)

Alumni: Hélène le Sueur (2007-2010, postdoc), Carles Altimiras (2007-2010, student), Francois Parmentier (2010-2013, postdoc), Sébastien Jezouin (2011-2014, student), Zubair Iftikhar (2013-2016, student)


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