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The interactions between energetic ions and solids lead to well known processes that are widely used to modify the topography, crystallography or electronic properties of the irradiated target. These effects are widely exploited in microelectronics; for example, ion etching and doping applications. Focused Ion Beam (FIB) is a technology that is extending these capabilities. Because this is a scanning probe technique, it becomes possible to localise, organise and design irradiation patterns at the nanometre-scale.

The LPN research interests in FIB cover the complete range from:

  • Development of specific ion emitters based on liquid Metal Ion Sources
  • Engineering, development and realisation of very high resolution FIB systems
  • Application of sub-10 nm ion probes to direct nano-patterning of materials

This project has been highlighted by the EEC as FP5 success story. See also project website .

Figure 1 : Scheme of the NanoFIB machine Figure 2 : performance of the NanoFIB machine : the width of the smallest lines is 6 nm.

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