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Puce Presentation

This project deals with guided wave devices realized on GaAs and InP substrates.

Three main axes are investigated :
  • quantum dot based (QD) edge emitting lasers for access and metropolitan area networks
  • quantum dot based amplifiers and electro-optic modulators for all-optical signal processing
  • novel concepts in guided wave devices, in particular the use of metamaterials for new optical functions.
  • GuiWac QDLas : Quantum dot based lasers
    The unique properties related to the three dimension confinement of charge carriers in self assembled quantum dots are exploited to develop high bit rate (10 Gbit/s) directly modulated laser sources with low threshold current, low phase-amplitude coupling factor -Henry factor-, temperature insensitive and feedback immune to comply with recent access and metropolitan area network standards.
    The QD broad optical gain spectrum, ultrafast gain dynamics and small amplified spontaneous emission (ASE) coupled to the propagating mode are moreover assets for sub-picosecond and low jitter pulse generation using monolithic mode locked lasers. Applications including frequency comb generation for 10 Gbit/s WDM transmission at 1.3 and 1.55 µm, or microwave signal generation for radio-over-fibre are being investigated.

    VCDev QDSign : Guided wave devices for signal processing
    Quantum dot based gain media exhibit enhanced non-linear effects, well suited e.g. for all optical signal processing. Very efficient four wave mixing in optical amplifiers is exploited to modify the light group index, which allows the achievement of controllable optical delay lines at room temperature.
    Enhanced electro-optic Pockels effect has been demonstrated in QD based waveguides, over a very wide optical bandwidth opening the way to the achievement of efficient wide band electro-optic modulators.

    Metaphot: Novel concepts in guided wave optics : ‘metaphotonics’ for telecom applications:
    The use of left-handed metamaterials on III-V substrates is very attractive as it should be possible to incorporate gain layers to compensate for the optical losses arising from the metallic resonators. It should indeed be possible to use a guided wave configuration with a core waveguide made of quantum wells or dots where gain is achieved by electrical injection.
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    Puce Members


     Ramdane Abderrahim  (+33) 1 69 63 61 50  

    And also...

     Aubin Guy  (+33) 1 69 63 61 51  
     Bardou Nathalie  (+33) 1 69 63 61 43  
     Bouchoule Sophie  (+33) 1 69 63 61 53  
     Chouteau David  (+33) 1 69 63 60 77  
     Dupuis Christophe  (+33) 1 69 63 61 42  
     Ferlazzo Laurence  (+33) 1 69 63 60 70  
     Harmand Jean-Christophe  (+33) 1 69 63 60 81  
     Lafosse Xavier  (+33) 1 69 63 60 73  
     Le Gratiet Luc  (+33) 1 69 63 60 63  
     Lemaitre Aristide  (+33) 1 69 63 60 72  
     Martinez Anthony  (+33) 1 69 63 63 70  
     Merghem Kamel  (+33) 1 69 63 60 02  

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    Puce Publications

    Publication in journals
    Publications in books
    • Quantum Dot-based Mode-locked Lasers and Applications , A. Martinez, C. Gosset, K. Merghem, G. Moreau, F. Lelarge, A. Ramdane, Handbook of Self Assembled Semiconductor Nanostructures for Novel Devices in Photonics and Electronics , Chap. 20 (2008)
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    Puce Contracts and projects

      Puce International Projects

        PROPHET : Postgraduate Research on Photonics as an Enabling Technology

        Reference contract : Program: FP7 - The People Programme - Initial Training Networks
        LPN leader(s): Abderrahim Ramdane, Anthony Martinez
        Main goals : Quantum dot based photonic devices for telecommunication and sensing applications (2011-2015)

        ILNACS : Nanostructures of Compound Semiconductors (Growth, properties, devices)

        Reference contract : Laboratoire International Associé (LIA) CNRS - Université de Montpellier - INSA Toulouse / Académie des Sciences de Russie - Fondation Russe pour la Recherche Fondamentale
        LPN leader(s): Frank Glas
        Main goals : Organize and develop scientific collaborations between the CNRS laboratories and the laboratories and institutes of the Russian Academy of Sciences based in Saint Petersburg in the domains of growth and study of the physical properties of nanostructures of compound semiconductors, and of compounds based on the latter.
        Extension to 2014-2017 pending (2010-2013)

        ZODIAC : Zero Order Dimension based Industrial components Applied to telecommunications

        Reference contract : NMP 2004-IST-NMP-3
        LPN leader(s): Abderrahim Ramdane, Anthony Martinez
        Main goals : Development directly modulated lasers and optical amplifiers based on InAs/GaAs and InAs/InP quantum dots for telecommunication applications (2005-2008). (2005-2008)

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      Puce International Networks

        SANDIE : Self-Assembled semiconductor Nanostructures for new Devices in photonics and Electronics

        Reference contract : Programme: FP6 – NMP- Network of Excellence
        Coordinator, Partner(s) : M. Grundman (Universite de Leipzig ),
        LPN leader(s): Aristide Lemaitre, Abderrahim Ramdane
        Main goals : Quantum dot based lasers for emission at 1.3 and 1.55 µm (2004-2008)

        EPIXnet : European Network of Excellence on Photonic Integrated Components and Circuits

        Reference contract : Program: FP6 - IST-2002- Optical, opto-electronic, & photonic functional components Network of Excellence
        LPN leader(s): Anthony Martinez, Abderrahim Ramdane, Anne Talneau
        Main goals : Structuring the photonic integration research community, and stimulate new opportunities for photonic integration in a wide range of application domains. (2004-2008)

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      Puce ANR non thématiques

        EXTREME : Resonant excitation of semiconductor quantum dots for the generation of non classical states of light

        Reference contract : ANR Blanc
        Coordinator, Partner(s) : V. Voliotis (INSP ),
        LPN leader(s): Aristide Lemaitre
        Main goals : (2011-2014)

        TELDOT : Telecom Applications based on Quantum Dot devices

        Reference contract : ANR VERSO
        LPN leader(s): Abderrahim Ramdane, Anthony Martinez
        Main goals : Développement de lasers à blocage de mode à base de boîtes quantiques (BQs) présentant un faible bruit pour la génération de peigne de fréquence à 1,3 µm et 1,55 µm et compatible avec la modulation directe à 10 Gb/s. Développement de lasers à blocage de mode à base de BQs émettant à 1,55 µm, présentant un faible bruit et fonctionnant à 60 GHz pour la radio sur fibre (systèmes sans fils). Site web du projet TELDOT: (2009-2013)

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    Puce Past and current Internship Training


    • Conversion de longueur d'onde à très haut débit à base de modulateurs à électroabsorption

    • N. El Dahdah-(2000-10-01 / 2003-10-31)
      Contact : A. Ramdane
      Group : Photonic devices (PHODEV)
      Thèse de doctorat de l'Université d'Orsay

    Internship Training

    • Modulateur à electro-absorbant pour conversion en longueur d'onde

    • A. Vedadi-(2004-03-01 / 2004-07-15)
      Level : Master2
      Contact : A. Ramdane
      Group : Photonic devices (PHODEV)

    • Etude d'hétérostructures à boîtes quantiques pour l'émission et le traitement de signal

    • V. Rousseau-(2000-02-01 / 2000-07-31)
      Level : Master
      Contact : A. Ramdane
      Group : Photonic devices (PHODEV)
      Ingénieur FIUPSO-ORSAY
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