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  • The research activities of the PHODEV group are included in the general research topic of LPN laboratory about Microelectronic and Photonic Devices (CEMP).

    The PHODEV group investigates more particularly photonics devices operating in the 1.3μm-1.55μm wavelength range, with applications in optical telecommunications but more generally in networks and systems using the optical fiber for data transmission. The studies are mainly focused on the development of laser sources and devices for all-optical signal processing.

    Our research activity includes the design of the new devices, the studies devoted to the technological development associated with the fabrication, as well the as device characterization in lab system testbeds.

    In order to promote the access of the national scientific community to the LPN technological facilities, PHODEV group is also involved in numerous collaborations in which external laboratories benefit from the group technological expertise.

  • The research activity is divided in four actions :
    GuiWac Action GuiWac : (Guided wave devices for telecom applications)
    We investigate guided wave devices grown on GaAs and InP, in particular laser sources and amplifiers based on quantum dots. We exploit the remarkable properties related to charge carrier confinement in the three space dimension to develop low threshold and temperature and feedback insensitive sources for access networks, monolithic mode locked lasers for subpicosecond pulse generation at ultra-high bit rate.
    VCDev Action VCDev : (Surface-coupled vertical-cavity devices)
    Vertical micro-cavity devices, such as VECSEL laser sources and non-linear devices including a saturable absorber.
    SysTelO_DescartesPlatform Action SysTelO : (Telecommunication system testbeds)
    We develop lab testbeds for the characterization and the performance evaluation of optoelectronic devices at high bit-rate (10Gbit/s -> 160Gbit/s ;  DESCARTES Characterization Platform).
    Action PVSolar :
    Action NanoPlasmon :
    OptoTech Action OptoTech : (Optoelectronic Technologies)
    Specific approaches for a deeper understanding of the physics and chemistry of key technological processes such as: plasma etching of III-V materials using Cl2-based ICP discharges.

  • The members of PHODEV group actively contribute to the access of the facilities of the LPN technological platform to other academic labs (in the framework of the RTB program and of the RENATECH network of large technologial facilities belonging to CNRS). Owing to the expertise of the PHODEV group, the collaborations include the development of guided-wave devices and of micro-cavity or surface emitters, based on different materials and operating at different wavelengths (visible and UV range)
    Collab Exogene Access to on-going collaborations
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    Puce Members

    Group leader

     Ramdane Abderrahim  (+33) 1 69 63 61 50  

    Full-time staff

     Aubin Guy  (+33) 1 69 63 61 51  
     Bouchoule Sophie  (+33) 1 69 63 61 53  
     Cattoni Andrea  (+33) 1 69 63 60 48  
     Collin Stephane  (+33) 1 69 63 61 45  
     Martinez Anthony  (+33) 1 69 63 63 70  
     Merghem Kamel  (+33) 1 69 63 60 02  
     Oudar Jean-Louis  (+33) 1 69 63 61 49  

    Trainees, PhDs, post-docs, guests

     Chen Hung-ling  (+33) 1 69 63 60 97  
     Brac Vincent  (+33) 1 69 63 61 30  
     Gortari Antu  (+33) 1 69 63 60 00  
     Michaud Amadeo  (+33) 1 69 63 60 43  
     Gouillart Louis  (+33) 1 69 63 60 00  
     Gromovyi Maksym  (+33) 1 69 63 61 36  
     Bidaud Thomas  (+33) 1 69 63 63 66  
     Verolet Theo  (+33) 1 69 63 61 50  

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    Puce Patents

    • Filtre spectral passe bande a forte selectivite et polarisation controlee, G. Vincent, R. Haïdar, S. Collin, J.-L. Pelouard, FR 1057449, (2010-09-17)
    • Filtre spectral avec membrane structuree a echelle sub-longueur d onde, S. Collin, G. Vincent, R. Haïdar, J.-L. Pelouard, N. Bardou, M. Laroche, FR 1055226, (2010-06-29)
    • Cellule photovoltaïque pour application sous flux solaire concentre, M. Paire, D. Lincot, J.-F. Guillemoles, J.-L. Pelouard, S. Collin, FR 1053318, (2010-06-02)
    • Structure nanometrique absorbante de type MIM asymetrique, S. Collin, J.-L. Pelouard, F. Pardo, A.-M. Haghiri-Gosnet, P. Lalanne, C. Sauvan, FR 1053134, (2010-04-23)
    • MSM type photodetection device with resonant cavity comprising a mirror with a network of metallic electrodes, US 7,629,663, F. Pardo, S. Collin, J.-L. Pelouard, FR, (2009-12-08)
    • High bit rate pseudo-random generator, G. Aubin, FR 0450170, (2005-01-31)
    • MSM type photodetection device with resonant cavity comprising a mirror with a network of metallic electrodes, F. Pardo, S. Collin, J.-L. Pelouard, FR 2842945, (2002-07-25)
    • Vertical metal-semiconductor microresonator photodetecting device and production method thereof, F. Pardo, S. Collin, R. Teissier, J.-L. Pelouard, FR 2803950, (2000-01-14)
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    Puce Recent publications

    Publication in journals
    Publications in books
    • Quantum Dot-based Mode-locked Lasers and Applications , A. Martinez, C. Gosset, K. Merghem, G. Moreau, F. Lelarge, A. Ramdane, Handbook of Self Assembled Semiconductor Nanostructures for Novel Devices in Photonics and Electronics , Chap. 20 (2008)
    • Preparation and characterization of perovskite type semiconducting thin films , R. Parashkov, A. Brehier, A. Georgiev, S. Bouchoule, X. Lafosse, J.-S. Lauret, CT. Nguyen, M. Leroux, E. Deleporte, Advanced Materials: Research Trends, Nova Science Publishers, Editor: L. A. Basbanes , Chap.12 (2007)
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