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Exploiting the versatility of photonic crystals

Photonic crystal slabs with a square lattice of holes have been used as mirrors operating at normal incidence in active (VCSEL) and passive optical resonators. We extended their use to optomechanics, in close collaboration with the ''Optomechanics and quantum measurement' Team at LKB , by demonstrating experimentally that such slabs sustain vibrational modes in the megahertz range while their reflectivity at normal incidence at 1064 nm is higher than 95 % [1]. These two features, combined with their very low mass, open the way to the use of such periodic structures as deformable end-mirrors in Fabry-Perot cavities for the investigation of cavity optomechanical effects.

Fabry-Perot cavities with deformable end-mirrors can be used to tailor the quantum properties of light (e.g. optomechanical squeezing) or the properties of the mechanical resonator (e.g. optical cooling). In most experiments to date, the deformable mirrors used were thick and large Bragg reflectors consisting of multiple layers of alternating dielectric materials with different refractive index. The very low mass per unit area of photonic crystal slabs (at least one order of magnitude smaller than that of Bragg mirrors) implies large amplitude zero-point quantum mechanical motion and large optomechanical coupling, making them promising substitutes to Bragg mirrors for the investigation of cavity optomechanical effects.

Contact :

Rémy Braive and Isabelle Robert-Philip dfrom the "Optomechanics with photonic crystals" team

References :

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[2] Nonlinear mechanics with suspended nanomembranes,
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