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Neuromimetic photonics

Neuromimetic systems are systems that imitate the functionalities of biological neurons or the architectures of biological systems for neuro-inspired computation and information processing. Among neuro-mimetic systems (or neuromorphic systems) there are neural networks, reservoir computing systems, artificial neural networks, … These systems could allow to fulfil complex tasks (visual or vocal recognition, associative memories, logic...) getting inspiration from the way the brain process information while being energy efficient, fast and not very sensitive to noisy environments.

After Hopfield & Tank, “Computing with a Neural Circuit: a Model”, Science (1986)

We study principally two kinds of systems : photonic-crystal nanocavities on suspended membranes and micropillar lasers with integrated saturable absorber.

a) Schematic of the PhC sample showing the L3 cavity. The InP is bonded onto a silicon substrate through a SiO2–benzocyclobutene (BCB) layer; the SiO2 is subsequently removed to obtain a suspended membrane. (b) Tapered fiber optical coupling scheme for transmission and reflectivity measurements. A Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM) image of the L3 cavity is shown. (c) Sketch of the tapered fiber characteristics. Scanning electronic microscope image and scheme of a micropillar laser with integrated saturable absorber. The micropillar has a diameter of 4 μm and is coated by a SiN thick layer that protects it.

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Contact :

Sylvain Barbay and Alejandro Giacomotti from the "NanoPhotonIQ" team

Recent Highlight:

Laser mimics biological neurons using light (Phys. Rev. lett., May 2014) ,

References :

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