On chip bioanalysis
DIMIPOLE: Microfluidic devices integrating polarized interfaces for high resolution free zone capillary electrophoresis.

Our research in brief

We are developing innovative fluidic devices for both separation and preconcentration of proteins which can be specific biomarkers of disease or pathogenic agents. The surface charge developed at solid-liquid interfaces in such analytical microfluidic chip is responsible for a number of electrokinetic processes. We thus develop innovative geometries for varying the surface potential in order to be able tuning the Electro-Osmotic Flow (EOF) for a perfect monitoring of the speed of the analyte.

Our laboratory

We work at Laboratoire de Photonique et des Nanostructures belonging to the french Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS). The lab is situated in Marcoussis, south of Paris, and it is one of the largest nanotechnology facilities in France.


We are or have been funded by the following sources:

-ANR (Agence Nationale de la Recherche) P3N DIMIPOLE (2010-2013) - coordinator A-M. Haghiri-Gosnet « DIspositifs Microfluidiques à Interfaces POLarisables pour des séparations Electrophorétiques de haute résolution ». in collaboration with LPNSS (M. Taverna et A. Pallandre) et LISE (C. Deslouis et J. Gamby)

-PRES UNIVERSUD PARIS : NANOMEDITOX (2010-2011) - coordinator A. Pallandre « Puce électrophorétique microfluidique pilotable pour le tri de nanomédicaments en vue de l’évaluation de leur cytotoxicité ».

-CNANO Ile-de-France. Postdoc. Valorisation project LABINGLASS (2010-2011)

-ANR EMERGENCE LABINGLASS (2011-2013) - coordinator A-M. Haghiri-Gosnet « Laboratoires sur puce en verre intégrant des nanocapteurs et une électronique embarquée».