NANOTEM : TEM and FIB Platform
Equipex TEMPOS


NanoTem is the transmission electron microscopy platform of TEMPOS Equipex (Transmission Electron Microscopy at Palaiseau, Orsay and Saclay, France. Coordinator : Odile STEPHAN).
NanoTem includes two latest generation microscopes hosted at C2N, Marcoussis site.

Nanotem allows its academic and industrial partner labs to carry out atomic scale structural and chemical studies by transmission electron microscopy. The specimens can be prepared using a dedicated ion and electron dual beam apparatus.

NanoTem is coordinated by Ludovic Largeau and Gilles Patriarche (C2N).

Referents of each operating partner laboratory (École polytechnique, Solid State Physics Laboratory, Saint-Gobain, Thales) are responsible for achieving their own thin sections and TEM observations and/or for training users.

List of each partner, and corresponding referents :

Partner 1

Partner 1 : C2N - Centre for Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, Marcoussis site, CNRS - UMR 9001

             Ludovic Largeau (co manager, TEM and FIB referent)
             Gilles Patriarche (co manager, TEM and FIB referent)
Partner 1

Partner 2 : LPS - Laboratoire de Physique des Solides, CNRS - UMR 8502

             (FIB referent)
             Mikael Walls (TEM referent)
Partner 1

Partner 3 : École polytechnique, Palaiseau

             Ileana Florea (FIB referent)
             Pierre-Eugène Coulon (TEM referent)
Partner 1

Partner 4 : Thales Research & Technology

Partner 1

Partner 5 : St Gobain Research

TEM/STEM Titan Themis 200
TEM-STEM Titan Themis 200
Dual-Beam Scios
Dual-Beam Scios